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Emptying Cesspools

A cesspit can produce strong smells, as it needs to be vented to enable the excess sewage gases to leave the tank. It ought to have an alarm system fitted to alert that the storage tank requires emptying. You should never lift the cover to check the level in the cesspit, as the toxic gases could quickly overcome you.

The cesspit can overflow or could leakage. Enabling a cesspit to overflow is an offence under the 1936 Public Health Act. If it is enabled to contaminate a water program, the Environment Agency could take legal action under the Water Resources Act 1991. This can lug a fine of approximately ₤ 20,000 and 3 months jail time.

If the cesspit leakages, you should call out a qualified engineer to eliminate the waste and clear up the sewage. The root cause of the leakage should naturally be found and remedied.

Great care should be taken to prevent walking or driving over the top of cesspits. They can cover a huge area under the ground, making them weak as they deteriorate and they can break down.

How Often Should I Have My Cesspit Emptied?

We get asked this a great deal! And it shows up every person seems to have varying viewpoints. These range from your neighbour that assumes it never needs to be cleared as it's self-cleaning. Or the Environment Agency who suggests it being cleared once a year.

The regularity also relies on a number of factors. The dimension of your house, the dimension of the container, the variety of owners and the general usage. This includes the number of people showering or bathing each day.

We likewise recommend that you do not enable flammable fluids to get in the system.  Keep the solution area around the cesspit clear of plants and weeds.

Routine upkeep additionally prevents your tank from overflowing or leaking. Should this take place, it should be dealt with swiftly and efficiently to prevent it contaminating close-by land and water.