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High Pressure Water Jetting

There are times when drain rods are not adequate to clear a blockage. This results in the need for high-pressure water jetting. High-pressure water jetting can be used to clear obstructed drainage systems. It can descale pipeline work, cut down tree roots and eliminate oil and fat deposits. It is an excellent method of eliminating silt and particles.

High-pressure water jetting can be exceptionally risky to use. It is consequently crucial that all staff expected to use this sort of tools receive ideal and ample training. This should be based on the High-Pressure Water Jetting Association's (HPWJA) Code of Practice.

Our trained staff have years of experience and combined with the current high performance jetting. Our company believe our skill in water jetting is unique in the area.

We are one of a minority of firms able to make use of the specialised unit that we carry. We are a premium drain cleansing option with constant filthy water recycling. We are currently recognised to be a leader in water recycling tools in the area. The water is reused throughout jetting procedures. This minimises time squandered handling precious tidy water supplies.

Health and Safety within the water jetting industry are of vital relevance. Educated personnel will certainly have a better understanding of secure working practices. This is important with high-pressure water jets. Councils, insurance companies, water utilities and significant specialists all need to use personnel that have the correct training and hold valid Certificates.

  • Descaling of pipework
  • Elimination of surface and fat impurities
  • Cleaning of storage tanks
  • Unblocking drains and pipework

Health and wellness & Safety is of the utmost importance to us which is why we utilise only qualified operatives. Furthermore, our operatives are certified in operating high-pressure water jetting equipment.  We hold competency certificates issued by the Water Jetting Association. Employees also benefit from refresher courses taken on every 3 years.